Olaniyi Evans

Economics, Pan-Atlantic University Nigeria
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ICT, infrastructure, and tourism development in Africa

This study examines the relationship between information and communication technology (ICT), infrastructure, and tourism development in Africa between 1996 and 2016 using a dynamic panel gravity model. Our findings show that ICT and infrastructure have a positive, statistically significant relationship with tourism development; as ICT and infrastructure increase, the level of tourist arrivals also increases. This study also identifies relevant factors including bilateral real exchange rate and gross domestic product per capita of the origin countries, suggesting a major role for the variables measured in the region of origin and for those that serve as a comparison between origin and destination. The effect of distance is statistically significant and negative: countries farthest from the origin countries generate less tourism demand, given the higher transportation costs. Repeat tourism (or habit persistence) and natural resources show a significant and positive effect on tourism development. Overall, the empirical results provide evidence that ICT and infrastructural development have opened huge opportunities for growing and strengthening tourism in Africa.

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