Adailza Cavalcante

Doutoranda em Agronomia (Produção vegetal) pela universidade Estadual Paulista"julio de Mesquita Filho" Jaboticabal-SP Brazil
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Thermal sum and phenological descriptions of growth stages of the common bean according to the bbch scale

The common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L., is a legume of economic and food importance in tropical and subtropical countries. Thus, the objective of this study was to define the phenological growth stages of common beans according to the BBCH scale, as well as the degree days, to optimize common bean management practices in accordance with the plant phenology. All phenological stages, including germination, foliar development, side shoots formation, stem elongation, inflorescence emergence, flowering, pod development, and plant senescence, were evaluated using the BBCH scale. The descriptions of the phenological stages, combined with illustrations, and the sum of degree days during the crop cycle improves our understanding of these phenological stages. The identification of the vegetative and reproductive stages of the common bean facilitates improved management of the crop under different environmental conditions, taking into consideration the thermal accumulation.

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