Promote your Publications via Scibey

Promoting your research online is becoming vital if you need to get it noticed and increase its online visibility amongst around 2 millions researches published every year.
Research promotion is absolutely essential if your goal is to make an impact in your field. The first step towards research promotion is to build a good publication profile page for your research paper and always updating and maintaining it.

Publication Summary

You might want to consider writing a plain English summary of your work, focused on making it more accessible to a wider audience. You can summarize your research by giving the reader a brief overview of the study: what it is about and why it's importanat. This will provide a good lead into your research and encourage more people to read your article.

Video Abstract

Video abstracts serve as an introduction to a published paper and are an excellent way to promote research. Video abstracts do not require much time or technical expertise. They can be a good way to increase awareness and readership of a scientist’s research.

Graphical Abstract

Graphical abstract is a single image, designed to help the reader to quickly gain an overview on a publication. They are intended to help facilitate online browsing, as well as help readers quickly identify which papers are relevant to their research interests.

Related Resources

Publishing an article doesn’t tell the full story of your research. You may have made images, videos, blog posts, data set files and other outputs associated with it available through a digital repository. Linking them all together with your article in a central location helps the readers gain more understanding of your research easily and quickly.

Tagging Keywords

Keywords are words and phrases used to name an article’s or section’s key concepts for search and retrieval purposes.

What do I need for starting promoting my publication on Scibey?

You should confirm your authorship on the article before starting promoting it. Once your confirm your publication authorship, it will get listed in your profile publication list.

What are the promotion options that Scibey provides?

  • Publication summary.
  • Video Abstract: You can add a link to a video on youtube, vimeo, or daily motion
  • Graphical Abstract: You can also add link to an image, search for one on unsplash, or upload it yourself
  • Related Resources: links to any of the following types of resources.
    • Data Sets
    • Blog Posts
    • Video
    • Image
    • Open Access Version
    • Any other type of link

Why should I tag my publication with best relevant subject keywords?

Users can follow keywords on Scibey. The users can see articles tagged with the followed keywords on their publication feeds page. Read more