Researcher Academic Profile on Scibey

When developing your academic profile, the first thing you might think about is how much time would it take you to get it finished. Scibey has made it very simple and easy to build your academic profile in a few minutes.
If you already has an ORCID profile, you can simply login with your ORCID account and you will get all your publications automatically synced to your Scibey profile.
If you don't have an ORCID profile, you can add your publications on Scibey any time by simply posting only the DOI of your publication.
We strongly recommend creating an ORCID account and get it connected to Scibey.

Why should I create an academic profile?

Building your academic profile online can help demonstrate your authority, expertise and research interests.
The internet has become the starting point for all searches, so you want to make sure that people are finding authorized biographical and contact information about you. This is especially important when you're starting your academic career.

Why should I create an academic profile on Scibey?

  • Scibey is optimizing the researcher profile for search engines.
  • Scibey allows you to list your publications, your areas of research, and provide a biography and personal photo.
  • Scibey can help you promote your publication. Read more

What should I consider while building my profile on Scibey?

When developing your academic profile the last thing you want to do is leave a partially developed or unfinished profile online.
We highly recommend the researcher to list his publications and areas of research, provide a short biography, and upload a recent personal photo. That will make it an outstanding profile and ensures it gets noticed in search results.