Scibey Mission

Scibey mission is to connect global academic community to promote scholarly good reads.

We believe that researchers should spend less time to follow newly published content by their favourite sources. Every researcher likes to keep up with current literature that could be scattered across many journals' websites. Scibey instantly presents publications from more than 15000 journals in an easy to follow way.

Things to know about Scibey

  • Scibey is reading the public journals' RSS feeds and ingesting it with Crossref articles' metadata.
  • Scibey does not have the copyright of the indexed article, but the author(s) or the publisher have.
  • Scibey does not store the article content.
  • Scibey presents public meta data of published artilces such as DOI, title, source title, author(s) and abstract if available.
  • Scibey does not index any article unless it has a DOI.
  • Scibey links the article to its journal and it refers to that clearly.
  • Scibey does not have the copyright of the journal, but the publisher have.
  • Scibey stores and presents the journal's metadata (title, ISSNs, Wesite URL, ...etc).
  • Scibey does not store the journal's cover image. It's presented by refering back to the cover's link on its original website if available. Otherwise, it provides a no cover image.
  • Scibey links the journal with its publisher and we refer to that clearly.

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