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Applying the MOA (motivation-opportunity-ability) model for the evaluation of residents' participati...
Iqbal Benedjma, Aissa Mahimoud

Resident's participation is a significant issue in urban heritage conservation, but what are the reasons behind residents' engagement? This paper examines how motivations, opportunities and abilities incite or prevent residents from participating in built heritage rehabilitation in the old city of Constantine (Algeria). Our findings show that the most significant factors affecting residents’ participation were related to their motivations and abilities. Interestingly, factors related to the opp...

Predicting ultrahigh risk multiple myeloma by molecular profiling: an analysis of newly diagnosed tr...
Vallari Shah, , Amy L. Sherborne, David C. Johnson, Sidra Ellis, Amy Price, Farzana C...

Determining how a cancer will behave can allow treatment modifications to improve outcomes. Genetic analysis of the cancer cells can enhance the prediction of risk.

Reconstructing the evolutionary history of multiple myeloma
Francesco Maura, Even H. Rustad, Eileen M. Boyle, Gareth J. Morgan

Understanding how cancer develops is key to manipulating it therapeutically. Here we describe how and when myeloma is initiated and the molecular processes by which it evolves

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